Hiking for Mental Health

Hiking for Mental Health

I am an avid hiker and clearly love exploring trails all over the world, however, I don’t do it for the sake of completing the great feat of reaching the highest peak. The truth is that what really gets me about hiking is that it has a powerful influence on our mental health, helping us to disconnect from stressful thoughts and think more sensibly while being in harmony with nature!

In this article I want to explain from my point of view, some ways in which hiking or a short walk outdoors could help you improve your mental health.

Boost your confidence

Some people tend to overanalyze their bad feelings and experiences. Hiking has the added benefit of reducing the possibility of overthinking these experiences, a walk in the woods is better for combating common mental disorders such as stress and depression.

The diverse landscapes of mountains, trees, waterfalls and beautiful bird songs simply make us feel so much better!

Hiking improves the quality of sleep

Improving sleep is a crucial part of human life. As you may know, walking on uneven trails required more energy than walking on a flat surface; which will not only leave you more tired at the end of the day, but is a good blood pump to the brain that will help you sleep better.

Organize your thoughts

Walking in a natural environment is more beneficial than simply walking in the city and is certainly more useful for mental health. Hiking, thanks to the surrounding nature, minimizes the impact of the area of the brain that causes lower emotions, helping you to better organize your thoughts and have a clearer plan of action for those problems that seem to have no solution.

Increases your mental power (exponentially)

People who spend more time outdoors and less time with technology are up to 50% more creative when it comes to problem-solving activities. In addition, we have a superior memory than people who do not spend as much time in nature.

Builds relationships

It goes without saying that hiking is an excellent exercise for your mental and physical health, but it is also an excellent tool that will help you build relationships.

We hike with others most of the time, and any exercise that promotes collaboration is excellent for building relationships. As an avid hiker, I can confirm that hikers are always there to help each other.


Hiking has been proven to have many mental health benefits. Whether you go alone or with others, it will give you a sense of freedom and independence, which can be hard to come by when living in a big city. Plus, it’s a great workout, and you’ll feel like you accomplished something once you return home. And if you’re feeling down, hiking is also a great way to clear your head and find peace within nature!